“Eve Of A New Round” is my first collection of original poems and paintings. The following is taken from the dedication page:
“This is a compilation of poems and paintings that were created in conjunction with each other over a period of about five years around the turn of the twenty-first century.  The poems speak of a short time in history, for a woman endeavored in painting, writing, music making, clearing land, housebuilding, birthing children and raising them, and walking side by side with a partner through it all.  I consider it a gift that these words and images presented themselves..together.”
The spiral bound book consists of 29 poems, and 29 reproductions,  and is available for $25.00.

Please contact me for ordering information.


Eve of a New Round by Heidi Daub: Church

Eve of a New Round by Heidi Daub: The Cradling of a Child